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Hear from some of our families

Our son would not be thriving so beautifully if it were not for her - from learning and getting help with his therapies, helping him reach key developmental milestones, including verbalizing more, healthy self-regulation, healthy habits and potty training (seriously, potty trained in a matter of a couple of weeks - what?!), socio-emotional skills, and "academic" milestones (lots of reading, learning numbers and letters, imaginative play, singing and dancing).


She's strategic in the daily routine, balancing structure with free play and learning. The home itself is a heaven for kids. Lots of toys - all of them focused on imaginative and educational play, plus a dream playground area for kids. As a full grown adult, I'm not afraid to say that I would love to run around in that backyard. She's huge on safety to boot!

Meliza M

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